Project S4: Millers Oils

I have been using Millers engine and transmission oils (and their fuel treatments for track days) in all of my normally-aspirated and turbocharged performance cars for years now, with great success. So, they were a natural product choice again when I bought ROAD’s B5 Audi S4 bi-turbo.
Regular oil changes not only help your engine live longer, but give it the best chance of producing the power it should be making – especially in engines that run very hot, like high-revving normally aspirated engines with trick valve gear (like VTEC’s), or turbocharged engines, like the S4’s 2.7-litre, 30-valve, twin turbo. I will be dropping the oil (and replacing the factory filter) every 5,000 miles, or less… if I add track time into that time span, as per usual. This sounds expensive (possibly even a bit anal), but I reckon it saves money in the long run. Chaps I know with performance cars (especially turbocharged ones), who skimp on cheap oil, and extend the period between changes, are always down on power and, more often than not, cause massive engine failures, with much head-scratching and wallet-bashing, after sessions out on track – where it has to be remembered, the engine gets a proper pounding.
For the engine oil, I selected Millers CFS 5W40 competition fully synthetic ‘Triple Ester Formulation.’ Millers PR bumph says: “Millers Oils full synthetic Motorsport formulations combine three synthetic esters, with high performance additives (including the optimum amount of ZDDP Zinc antiwear additive) and friction modifiers to provide maximum power output with minimum wear. The high ester content reduces the amount of polymer in the formulation and increases the oil’s resistance to shear and loss of viscosity. Millers Oils formulations are recommended by many engine builders for highly stressed applications in racing, rallying, track day and fast road use.” And, whilst I do not claim to fully understand all of this ‘science,’ all my engines with this oil in, including the S4, have made good power on the dyno, felt strong on the road, and the track, and have never – yet anyway (touch wood!) – let go.
On track days, I add Millers CVL Turbo fuel treatment to the super unleaded in the tank. CVL is an ultra high performance octane booster, ideal for turbocharged engines susceptible to ‘detonation’ (‘pinking’ in old money, ‘knock’ in engine mapper lingo), when the engine is under extremely heavy load and at very high temperatures, as they are on track days. One 500 ml bottle treats 20 litres of petrol, and adds four octane points; effectively turning 98RON Shell Optimax into 102RON fuel – similar to the levels used in race fuel, as used for rally cars and racers. Millers say “CVL Turbo provides flame front control, to increase resistance to high-speed detonation and mechanical damage.” And, especially with a car like the S4, with a (Superchipped) ECU that measures knock efficiently and raises boost and ignition advance according to the fuel quality/octane levels, you can really feel the extra gain in power – especially as the turbo’s first spool up, and in the mid-range. It certainly gives an extra edge on track days, and extra piece of mind, so you can really get on it. Additionally, for cars that only run on Super unleaded (like my old Jap-imported Imprezas, the new Mitsubishi Evo FQ’s, or cars with full ECU re-maps), which can be a pain to find sometimes (even at circuits), it’s great to carry a bottle or two of this in the boot too, to fill up on normal 95RON unleaded, and raise the octane levels to match that of Super unleaded fuel. Highly recommended.
The really trick, new Millers fluid I have in my S4 is the high performance CRX 75W90 NT transmission fluid, which I have put into the gearbox and Quattro Torsen differentials. This is a brand new product, featuring ‘Nano Technology’ and replacing the out-going (but still very good), ‘Black Moly’ Millers transmission fluid range. Millers say: “Nano Technology is cutting edge, concentrating on structures 100 nanometers or less. To put this into perspective, a nano particle has the same size relationship to a football as a football has to the earth. Our particles are known as ‘inorganic Fullerlines’ and can be added to the base of an oil to complement the exciting additive technology we use… increasing the load capacity of the oil, reducing friction and therefore reducing heat and, in turn, wear rates. Testing has shown reductions in friction up to 25%, when compared with oils with “solid lubricant” technology.” Put into real terms: I know some BTCC teams who ran this last year, on a Civic, who were replacing gearboxes every race, and, after trying the new Millers Nano Technology range of competition transmission oils, were getting 25-30% more time between changes, making them considerably more reliable, and massively reducing their season’s costs. Clever stuff eh?
After having replaced the engine and transmission fluids, up at Henstead Motorsport (01502-714177), the S4 felt strong indeed. The engine ran smoother, and revved more easily, with a tangible pick up in performance and, the gear change and Quattro system were radically improved. I can not recommend these products highly enough. Millers bods – your are genius’!