Project S4: Insurance via Adrian Flux

Let’s face it… picking car insurance is (A) rather dull, (B) often painful and (C) notoriously and increasingly expensive. The name of the game (as I see it!) is to get insured as cheap as possible and yet not compromise on quality of service; because, believe me, you want a good insurer if you do suffer theft, damage or have an accident: I was shunted from the rear in 2009, by some dozy sod half asleep, and he wrote Road’s Subaru WRX off. Having a good insurer, who sorted out the write off, arranged a hire car and dealt with the claim ASAP, efficiently, politely and caringly – while I was in agony with whiplash – was a god-send. And I am sure many insurance companies of lesser brand quality than we at Road HQ  have would not have been so good, making a bad time far worse.

Road Magazine’s insurance for the old WRX, and the replacement – Project S4 – is organised by top brokers, Adrian Flux, who offer breakdown and legal cover as part of the policy.

Adrian Flux is the UK’s largest specialist vehicle insurance broker, and has been helping drivers of unusual and performance vehicles since 1973. Whether you drive a vehicle kitted out for disabled drivers, a modified car, a supercar or even a tank, Flux has a policy to suit, with a range of diverse schemes at competitive prices.
Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t necessarily cost more to insure a modified car than a standard vehicle, and because Flux has vast experience in insuring such vehicles, the premium can often be less than you’d pay on a standard car with other insurers. “We understand that people with modified, unique or cherished cars are much more likely to look after them and therefore represent a better risk than many people would expect,” said general manager Gerry Bucke. “And because our staff deal with these vehicles all day long, we won’t just input the details to a computer and see what comes out – we’ll look at the risk and underwrite each case on its merits.”

Flux also has specialist schemes for kit cars, camper vans, classic cars, American cars, camper vans and horseboxes, plus many others. Do what we at Road Magazine do when you need car insurance – especially for modified cars, like Project S4 – call Adrian Flux’s happy, enthusiastic, informed team on 0800 369 8590 for a quote, or visit, or see the hyperlinked advertisement in every monthly issue of FREE Road Magazine, via or

Insurance has never been so easy, efficient, or top quality.