Project S4: Kärcher Pressure Washer

Spring is well and truly here, and after a freezing, muddy, salty-road-Winter to end all Winters, we felt it was time to give Project S4 a proper Spring clean. That meant either another costly, poor quality, rushed trip to the local Jet wash, or… getting our very own pressure washer, for DIY useage galore: No time limits, no cues, no poor quality battered and bruised garage forecourt equipment = driveway Pressure Washing heaven!

No disrespect to other manufacturers intended, but really, there was only one jet wash brand we wanted: Kärcher – the king of pressure washers, celebrating its 25 anniversary this year.

Kärcher has a frankly bewildering array of pressure washers on offer (see, from entry class, to medium class and even huge ones with combustion engines, for commercial work. Prices start from under £82 (for the K2.120) and range to serious money, for the seriously serious ones. We thought we would go for somewhere in the middle-lower end, offering a good blend of pressure, power and price: The K3.550.

Kärcher say: “Part of the high performance water-cooled motor range, the K3.550 is a powerful pressure washer is great for use in both around the home and garden. Classed as the most advanced pressure washers ever, this K3.550 is equipped with an innovative water cooled motor for enhanced performance and longer life. It’s available for £204.99 (cheaper if you shop about). This is a lightweight, mobile and convenient high-pressure cleaner with water-cooled induction motor and Plug ‘n’ Clean technology… suitable for regular use for moderate to heavy soiling.”

The K3.550 comes with a 6m high-pressure hose, vario-power spray lance, with soap/cleaning fluid dispensing facility, dirt blaster and click-in 3/4″ garden hose adaptor. It looks extremely smart, in Kärcher yellow and black and is very easy to piece together, taking just a few minutes to get ready and hook up to the garden hose from its neatly packaged delivery box. And everything feels top quality, durable (it weighs in at 12.6Kg) and designed perfectly for its intended purpose. It’s key features include:

  • New 1800W water-cooled motor for enhanced performance and longer life, providing a maximum 120bar water pressure, and 420 litres per hour flow rate.
  • New detergent “plug and clean” for quick and convenient detergent changeovers with a variable detergent regulator.
  • Delta racer the first high-pressure jet powered brush for cleaning large surfaces such as car paintwork, garage doors, windows and conservatories.
  • Mobile unit with plenty of on board storage.
  • Fine mesh water filter prevents dirt particles from damaging the pump.
  • Vario lance which allows pressure control with a single turn of the lance.
  • Dirtblaster lance providing up to 50% greater cleaning power than a standard high pressure lance.

Its designed for cleaning large surfaces such as car paintwork, garage doors, windows and conservatories – and, boy, is it effective, and addictive!

We started by giving Project S4 a much-needed de-Winter-grime-off – which was deeply impressive, the K3.550 effortlessly removing all the silt, salt, mud and scum from the surface of the Audi, bringing the (still excellent after 11 years) paintwork back to life. The wheels were particularly filthy, covered in a thick mist of brake dust, salt and mud and they came up a shiny treat. And the K3.550 was amazing at ridding the wheel arches, brakes and suspension of all the detritus that had managed to get stuck to it over the long Winter months. After just 10 minutes, and a quick going over with a shammy first, then a microfibre cloth, Project S4 had never looked so good. I can not rave about the K3.550 enough. It’s amazing. Car cleaning has never been so easy, or as much fun. The power of the pressure washer is immense and the detergent’s deep cleaning action is phenomenal. Properly impressive stuff from the king of pressure washers.

I then handed the K3.550 over to my fiance after the Project S4 was blinged and she was in her element, having always had a mildly OCD passion to be a sand-blaster, cleaning-up churches and the like! Soon, the house walls, garage, patio and pretty much everything within reach was getting a dose of the K3.550’s blasting power, and it showed off just what it was capable of in a home and garden capacity… removing moss, dirt, stains and flaky paintwork from everything in its path, including the path itself. I had a job getting it back off her! Fun for all the family!

Want a fun-packed dose of deep-cleaning action in your life? Look no further than the great value, incredibly powerful, quiet, robust and stylish Kärcher K3.550 – pressure washing at its finest.


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