Project S4: New Millers Oils

Project S4 is currently in for a “big service,” up at A pre-summer-Spa-Francorchamps-spa-treatment if you will, but more on all that in another post here very soon.

At the heart of any servicing regime is the critical lifeblood of any engine, the oil. Regular oil changes (with factory filters) are absolutely essential, especially with turbocharged cars, like Project S4’s 2.7-litre bi-turbo, 30V unit, which likes to get very hot (150C+) when driven in anger, and heat means engine wear. To protect against engine wear, damage and help run the V6 at its most powerful and economical best, I like to change the oil and filter at least every 5,000 miles. And I don’t buy cheap, horrible oil either. Buy the best you can afford, and a brand you believe in, I say.

The brand I have trusted for years with my Project S4, Subaru Impreza rally, track day and road cars and Mazda MX5 racer for the past decade or more now is Millers Oils, They have a huge range of engine oils, transmission fluids and fuel treatments, and I have tried and tested a load of them, with great results, dyno-tested. They are also a lovely smaller oil firm to deal with… always there to offer hep and advise, whether you’re a road user, track day hound or racer.

Previously, I have been using Millers CFS fully synthetic Triple Ester formula 10w40 engine oil in Project S4, from their Motorsport range, along with CRX 75w90 NT full synthetic lightweight transmission oil, featuring BTTC-backed Nano Technology for the S4’s Quattro system and gearbox. The transmission fluid is staying in there, as it has a long shelf life, and is working a treat, with a noticeable improvement in gear shift/action and smoothness of differential/Quattro 4WD operation.

But, as it’s time for an oil change, and Millers has just released a new range of long life, premium quality full synthetic oils – XF Long Life – I felt I should try it out. There’s a range of 11 on offer, for various petrol and diesel engines and a great service on their website, the “Which Oil Advisor” to help you select the right one for your motor. Project S4 needs a 5w30 Acea A3/B4, which is formulated to: “Meet and exceed the most stringent requirements of car manufacturers, including extended drain capabilities. The high quality of these oils mean that engine wear is minimised while the oil viscosity (thickness) is maintained,”  Millers oil bods say.

The benefits of a long life fully synthetic oil like the XF in Project S4 include improved wear protection and reduced friction levels, releasing maximum power and torque from your engine, in turn improving acceleration and fuel economy. And additional benefits include lower engine drag and reduced oil consumption. It all sounds fab, as per with Millers…

We’ll let you know how we get on with it after some road and track miles…


And, to save money, always look for oil and oil change coupons that might be available.