Project 335i: Introduction & Stage 1 Tune

Project BMW 335i – Power Thirsty Bavarian

Roadie, Andy Robinson (who regular readers may remember for his insane 1100bhp Evo in the Tim Schrick special: introduces the latest Road Magazine Project Car – an E92 Project 335i Twin Turbo BMW… so that’s four turbos in two project cars for Team Road! Booooost!

Bought just a few months ago, the tuning/modifying bug has already bitten our latest project car – an E92 BMW 335i Twin Turbo. In stock form the 335i has some pretty impressive figures: The N54 straight six turbocharged engine delivers a healthy 306bhp and 295 lb-ft as standard, whilst the 6 speed auto box with ‘flappy paddles’ controls the power delivery nicely, through the driven rear wheels. Our car is in the SE trim and some of the enthusiasts might ask ‘why not go for the M-Sport version?’ Well, I feel that the SE offers a better ‘blank canvas’ and after a test drive and experiencing the BMW stock sat nav system (which came as standard in the M-Sport models), I decided a dash without the double hump was best for me.

The spec on our SE is generous enough, with full cream leather, climate control, front and rear parking sensors, Pro sound system, the list goes on and on.

First on the list was to get rid of the not so nice run-flat tyres, which made the ride too harsh and I found the tyres a little unpredictable for my liking. On went a set of non run-flat Avon boots and a can of tyre weld in the boot to keep out MOT tester happy. The ride and handling far more complaint and predictable now J.

After living with the car for about a month I quickly got used to the virtually lag free power delivery from the twin turbo’s and decided that some under bonnet tweaks were in order.

Before any modifications were carried out, the car was taken to the rolling road to see how healthy the very stock power plant was, after a quick run we left with a very respectable 308bhp and 297 lb-ft of torque. After some consultation with our good friends at we decided on an AFE Stage 2 intake and a Vishnu Procede Engine Control System.

The AFE was a doddle to fit and the Procede was not as bad as some may fear (some basic wiring skills involved). The Procede ECS combined with the AFE made a huge difference to the power on tap – upping the boost from a stock 8.8psi to 13.5psi (map 1) and 14.5psi (map 2) respectively. A stronger pull to red line is noticeable combined with progressive boost control (to not overload the gearbox low down). Before the ECu remap, I’d not seen much of the standard traction control light, but now with a bit of right boot it’s lighting up like a Christmas tree! On dry days, this can be turned off, but as I found out on wet days, it’s best left on with all that turbo torque on tap!

As a bit of an added bonus, the Procede has had a positive impact on the MPG. Before it was fitted the car was averaging 25-26 mpg and now it manages 30-31mpg with similar combined driving.More power and economy – bonus… and the story of a good ECU remap.

For the next few weeks this is how the car will stay and once everything has bedded in nicely, the car will go back to the rolling road to see what the modifications have made to the power and torque, and I’ll report back here soon and via the blog:

However, with new parts ideas being emailed over from Partsmeister and some custom tuning on tap from the car will no doubt benefit from more parts and tweaks real soon. Read more here soon…