Project 335i: Aesthetics & Dynamics

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 16.43.20It’s been a while since we last updated you about our 335i WIP, writes Road contributor, Andy Robinson.

But, of course, no car of mine, or indeed Road Magazine stays the same for too long!

As we covered some nice tuning mods last time, it’s time we addressed the cars looks: I’ve never really got on the silver shadowlines that follow the (rather nice) curves of the E92 coupe. And, after seeing that the M-Sport variants sport a rather nice set of gloss black versions and how it lowers the lines of the car somewhat, it was worth investigating further…

Replacement black items could have been sourced from the manufacturer, but unfortunately, as is BMW’s way, the cost was far from inviting. An alternative approach to this was to vinyl wrap the shadowlines, so I ventured out to APM customs for their advice.
Kev at APM was more than happy to carry out the wrap, which came to a fraction of the cost quoted by BMW. He also had a great idea – to wrap the shadowlines and mirror covers in a satin black rather than the M-Sport’esque gloss, as it would look more subtle. And, while I was there I mentioned that tinting the windows would also help in the looks department, which Kev agreed and was more than happy to arrange.

Upon arrival to pick the 335i up I was extremely pleased with the result – the darker windows and shadowlines of the car flow nicely and the work has transformed the car’s aesthetic appeal. Job well done APM! Take a look for yourselves and let us know what you think…

But, of course, it’s not just the looks treatment the car got recently. To flatten out and improve the handling, we also fitted a new set of Eibach-Pro springs. The standard ride was a touch crashy and not as progressive under load as I’d like, so after some advice from Partsmeister we ordered the Eibach kit. Considering it’s just a set of springs it has changed the handling for the better – being much more progressive and less harsh when driving over our lumpy and bumpy A/B roads in Winter. As these have only just gone on the car, we’re still waiting for it to settle to see how much of a drop it gives, but Eibach state a nice (and not too drastic) drop of about 20-30mm. Better looks and feel. Nice!

We were also treated to a new great piece of tech from our friends at Awron automotive. They have kindly supplied a multi-function digital display that cleverly uses the cars can-bus technology to display certain parameters. This particular model displays a host of different parameters including a 0-100KPH timer (there goes another set of tyres!) More importantly it gives us water and engine oil temp, and boost pressure, which will be ultra-important when getting out on track days later this year. Check it out.
Much as I love the BMW, I’m having a bit of a V8 pull at the moment – tempted by some AMG Mercs, so don’t be surprised if Project 335i turns into Project AMG V8 soon. Or even V12… but you never know. Anyway, more here soon…