Project Cars: Kärcher MV2 Vacuum

We’ve had a Kärcher pressure washer to keep our project and press test cars clean for a couple of years now, and it’s fabulous.

So, when we heard that Kärcher had launched it’s “most powerful” range of new vacuum cleaners, we had to have one.

The full range of three vacs – called the MV range – is priced from £69.99 for the base-model MV2, through £119.99 for the MV3 to £139.99 for the range-topping MV4 Premium. We went for the baby of the bunch… the MV2. But, don’t be fooled. This 1200-watt bad-boy is still one serious performer.

The suction it creates from its bag-less, 12-litre filtered container is immense. I was pretty taken aback when I first used it. You only need to go near a spec of dust or dirt and boom, the yellow and black Kärcher has it sucked in, quick as a flash. And it really gets stuck in too, pulling out engrained dirt and scum from the fibres of the carpets and mats. I was very impressed. And the fact that these new MV Kärcher vacs also suck up wet debris as well as dry matter makes them quite incredible. They will literally tackle anything that’ll fit through the pipework: So watch out if you have goldfish or small rodent pets nearby!

The new MV2 is also extremely lightweight – which is a bonus when you’re moving it around, but a a bit annoying ultimately, as it’s got very little to hold it back and stop it tipping over, which it did a number of times the first few times I used it. This causes it to stop vacuuming – requiring it to be switched off and on again, to get back to it: Mildly annoying… but soon forgiven, when it gets back to its primary role of getting up dirt fast, which other vacs struggle with.

Other comments? Well, it’s pretty darn loud, the power cord is quite short (not aiding the whole pulling it over thing) and the attachments are a bit limited: Either the conventional rectangular head for covering large areas (which does have an effective plastic unit that scoops up the dirt), or a tapered bit for detail/smaller areas… but this tool is not that small, so not superb at crevice work and it’s quite sharp so you have to be careful not to mark your upholstery. It would have been nice to have a soft-finish upholstery tool with the vac I reckon.

But these are minor issues really. For under £70, here’s an amazing new vac product that really is incredibly powerful and bloody good at scooping up dirt – dry or wet – and it’s easy to hump about, empty and use. What more do you want? We love it… and it’s done a superb job of cleaning up Project S4’s interior.

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