Project Ecowagon: Adrian Flux Insurance

New project car, new insurance policy!

But, for us, there’s no need to fuss about on the phone for ages finding the best quote and have to put up with the hassle of changing insurance companies.

We have been using specialist insurance broker Adrian Flux for our project cars for years – finding the company that “prides itself on being different” a pleasure to deal with, speedy, efficient, polite and expert in all fields of insurance: Over the years we’ve been using them we’ve insured rally cars, race cars, track day cars, heavily and lightly modified fast road cars and even 4×4’s.

And they have always provided us with great value, all-inclusive comprehensive policies – with EU breakdown and FREE legal cover – now even for a ‘regular’ car, like our new Project Ecowagon VW Golf BlueMotion green car project.

Adrian Flux search hundreds of insurance schemes to find you the best possible deal, suited to your needs and driving history. With over 30 years experience of providing fast, efficient and cost effective motor insurance, for every kind of vehicle imaginable, they understand that people who buy their dream car are more likely to take special care of it – and offer quality policies to suit, with top name insurers.

Having started business in 1973 as a specialist insurer of cars adapted for disabled drivers and kit cars – today, more than 300,000 customers use Adrian Flux to find insurance for anything from prestige vehicles to kit cars, including Road Magazine.

Adrian Flux boasts individual specialist departments including Classic Cars, Kit Cars, Hot Hatches, Performance Cars, Modified Cars, Grey Import Cars, US Cars, 4x4s, Minis and Beetles to name just a few. So insuring a straight forward Euro-hatch like Project Ecowagon presented no significant issues.

Each Adrian Flux department is divided into sections with dedicated and knowledgeable teams who have the experience required to advise customers, meet specific needs and find the cheapest premium and best insurance scheme possible, all with quality, household name firms.

Adrian Flux says: “We appreciate that people who love their cars often take better care of them. We are able to source the best available scheme from a panel of over 40 insurers. We can provide competitive premiums using a range of individually tailored schemes. Additional discounts are also available for members of specific owners clubs and forums, when recognised additional security measures have been put in place, and for those with proven experience of driving high-performance vehicles. The team at Adrian Flux understand car enthusiasts, because we are car enthusiasts! When sourcing a quote you can chat to an expert, who will understand when you describe the modifications to your car, security additions in place, the self build project you are creating – or simply whether your car counts as a classic vehicle or not. Our tailor made approach to insurance has led Adrian Flux to become one of the most successful and highly respected insurance specialists in the UK. When you call Adrian Flux you can be confident that you will be speaking to a knowledgeable enthusiast, based in the UK, not someone who doesn’t know his TVRs from his Porsches.”

Sorting out the cover for Project Ecowagon could not have been easier, was excellent value and all the perfectly-prepared paperwork came within minutes via email.

Adrian Flux Insurance is a great company to work with – making sorting out new insurance a breeze. We recommend them most highly… whatever type of cover you’re after.

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