Project S4: Ravenol Racing Oils

Project S4 has been sitting on the driveway wanting some proper fun of late, as we’ve been knocking about in the frugal VW Golf Project Ecowagon, enjoying daft mpg and huge fuel ranges!

But, as a petrolhead, there’s only so much of that oil-burning stuff I can take, before the call for Shell’s V-Power Nitro + Super Unleaded fuel and some twin turbo, V6 track action takes hold πŸ™‚

With it’s superb Bilstein coilover suspension, hardcore Tarox track day brakes, low inertia Powerflex poly bushes and flat handling Whiteline anti-roll bar upgrades to optimise the handling ability of the Quattro-equipped S4 and the rorty Milltek Sports full sports cat stainless steel exhaust, free-flowing K&N filter, stunning Forge Motorsport blow-off valves and impressive and reliable Superchips ECU re-map giving it 320bhp & 340lbft torque, Project S4 is, it has to be said, a bit of an animal… yet to be passed on a track day by another saloon car. It’s a proper wolf in sheep’s clothing, which I love…

Prior to this year’s track day outings, I gave the old girl her MOT and a good service – switching to some fancy, trick motorsport-derived engine oil, to cope with the cornering forces and oil surge the old girl gets on circuit.

Our choice? German brand Ravenol, who are now making big in-roads in the UK – especially in the rallying scene (where they are partners to the Nicky Grist Challenge), and now they have a UK distribution warehouse.

The oil in question – having taken advise from their UK MD, Brian Chase – is from Ravenol’s RCS (Racing Competition Synto) range, and is a 5W-40, priced at Β£9.99 for one litre or Β£43.33 for five litres (plus VAT & carriage). You can buy it here.

Ravenol says: “Our RCS Racing Competition Synto 5W-40 is a high performance fully synthetic engine oil especially developed for use in both race and rally applications as well as for modified fast road and track day cars subject to highly stressed environments. The high viscosity index and highly effective additive and inhibitor package offers the maximum protection, especially in cold start conditions, whilst minimising friction, abrasion and fuel consumption. It has been developed for use in extreme motorsport conditions to maximise power release and engine protection, and is suitable for most modern high revving race and rally vehicles which require this grade of oil. Ideally suited as a performance upgrade for modified, fast road and track day vehicles which would originally require a 5w30 engine oil.”

The team at Ravenol say the RCS Synto oil offers:

● Exceptional shear stability prolongs oil life even under the harshest conditions

● Excellent viscosity behaviour from cold start to the highest operating temperatures

● Enhanced protection against wear, corrosion and foaming

● Very good cold start properties

● Safe, stable lubricating film even at very high operating temperatures

● Excellent detergent and dispersant properties

● Low friction formulation maximises fuel efficiency in part-and full-load operation

Now, I’m no engineer, and I can’t fairly comment on whether any of that techy PR speak above is true or not. Nor have I had an endoscope in the cylinders to see what’s going on inside the fabulous Cosworth V6 engine. All I know is Project S4 runs sweet as a nut, from cold to track day hot and doesn’t run as high oil temperatures as she used to with conventional (quality) ‘normal’ road-going engine oil – even in Summer temperatures. And having such a high specification oil in the engine gives me piece of mind to take it on track days, and give it full beans – safe in the knowledge the tricky oil is getting into all the places it should do and taking great care of the fabulous Cossie engine.

She may well be sweet 16 now, but Project S4 is still a very, very quick car, with a sorted specification. Takes a lot of beating… on the straights, and even more so, around the bends, being nicely looked after all the while by Ravenol: Great oils, highly recommended.

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