Project Beast: CYBEX Juno 2-Fix Car Seat

Being a dad these days, no car seat = no family travel. And as our bulky Recaro bucket seat fitted to Project Ecowagon unbelievably refused to fit in the spacious new Project Beast, it was time to go shopping for a new seat… one swanky enough for the top of the line Supercharged Range Rover’s fab interior.

And with the voice of fatherly experience now behind me – as the dad of an 18-month-old, not a newbie freshman –  rather than mess about looking at rubbish that makes your life hard work, I went straight to one of the market leaders in the child safety seat market; award-winning German brand CYBEX.

The funky CYBEX brand says: “We’re always questioning the status quo and are not afraid of challenging the establishment. CYBEX has become not just a leader in child safety but is seen as an innovative lifestyle and fashion brand. With our fresh approach, CYBEX designs products for parents while pushing the boundaries that often separate safety, design and function.”

Enter the bold, fresh, different and award-winning CYBEX Juno 2-Fix, in very cool burned orange – perfect to contrast with the black leather interior of Project Beast and fit in with the Range Rover’s salubrious surroundings, easily matching the lifestyle expectations associated with such a premium brand vehicle. Juno 2-Fix is spot on, visually.

But the Juno 2-Fix is a test winner in European child car seat tests too, so it’s not just about looking superb – functionality comes first over form: Safety first.

Road Magazine baby loves to face forwards and check out what’s coming at her, so the Group 1 (9-18Kg) Juno 2-Fix fitted the bill, and will even last her until she’s four years old – giving over two years of usage, which is great.

So it looks great and is 100% safe. But it’s the Juno 2-Fix’s design (and not just its funky good looks, but usability and safety design) that set it apart from its rivals.

There are no annoying straps and buckles to content with and wrestle wriggly chubby arms through. Oh no. Just pop your baby in the luxurious seat, slide the adjustable safety cushion over her in the grooves and use the car’s conventional seat belt to lock the cushion in place, then adjust. Bish, bash, bosh!

This CYBEX seat is SO easy to use, you wonder why the hell all car seats don’t have this design… and not just kids ones either! It’s nothing short of fantastic.

CYBEX use the strapline of ‘safety without confinement’ for their highly innovative safety cushion, which is just so.

The fully adjustable safety cushion reduces the risk of serious neck injuries – without confining your precious one, leaving them free to jiffle about in safety, with no straps digging in and annoying them. It’s utterly brilliant.

In the horrible event of an accident, the force of a head-on collision is distributed over the safety cushion and absorbed by its impact-absorbing materials. This system resembles an inflated airbag and helps to significantly reduce the force of impact in the event of an accident. The harness does not injure the child, while at the same time the sensitive head, neck shoulders and inner organs are protected. The newly designed adjustable safety cushion adjusts for highest comfort perfectly to the child’s body and additionally offers more freedom of movement of the upper body as well as maximum safety especially in frontal impacts when compared to conventional five-point harness systems.

There is no doubt, Road Magazine baby abosultely loves the cushion too – using it to lean on for snoozing time, as a snack table for munching on the move time and as a resting place for various travel toys, bottles and baby paraphernalia etc.

And she very quickly falls asleep in it too, not to mention having set her longest recorded car snooze in it too, which is surely the ultimate endorsement!

Juno 2-Fix is VERY popular with her (so much so her little legs jiggle every time she gets snuggled in and her face lights up). Needless to say, this makes the Juno 2-Fix VERY VERY popular with us Road Magazine parents 😉

The Juno 2-Fix also has Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus), a recline function, eight-way adjustable head rest and ISOFIX Connect for added safety and stability – not to mention ease of initial installation (literally a two-minute job), aided by its incredibly lightweight frame (6.7Kg) making it easy as pie to shift about (even from car to car should you wish to). And Juno 2-Fix also fits with cars without ISOFIX, which is useful to know.

It really is no wonder that this CYBEX Juno 2-Fix Group 1 seat is a Stiftung Warentest test winner, a Which Magazine Best Buy and why Europe’s biggest automobile club, ADAC awarded the top rating “very good” in all its test categories.

Juno 2-Fix is amazing and we absolutely LOVE it.

The cool Juno 2-Fix (available in 10 really funky colours) is nothing short of a revolution in car seat design and a revelation to us. No fuss. No hassle. And maximum safety & style. The days of sweating profusely, putting my back out and swearing under my breath whilst fitting the Road Magazine baba into her car seat are over. As are the days of her not wanting to be strapped in. Ace! Thanks CYBEX!

Juno 2-Fix (situated in the brand’s mid-price ‘Gold’ not base-model ‘Silver’ or range-topping ‘Platinum’ range) is great value for money too – for such a safe, stylish and simple to use car seat – with a RRP of £185 via John Lewis.

Get one today for your nine month old (9kg) plus baby and enjoy three years plus of slick, stress-free, safe baby transportation. You will never want to see a seat with a buckles and a strap again!

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