Project UP! Britax ADVANSAFIX Car Seat

No matter how cleverly designed the interior space of the new Project UP! is, there’s no escaping the fact it’s a tiny little city car and that meant the beefy, brilliant, but big rallyesque Recaro seat had to go.

So the mission was on to find a replacement – compact enough to fit in the ickle UP! but also clever enough to grow with Road Magazine’s youngest staffer, who’s now two years old.

Having tried both Recaro and Cybex – both of which have been a real hit and stood the test of time superbly it has to be said (Cybex lives on happily in Project Beast) – we were keen to use one of the oldest, most established and respected names in the baby seat market, Britax.

The British brand was founded in 1938 and is now arguably the global leader and innovator in child mobility “dedicated to making family travel safer and easier throughout the journey of parenthood.”

And that last bit struck a chord… no, not the easy life bit! The idea of product longevity.

So, it was with great interest I stumbled across their cool new ADVANSAFIX car seat, which adjusts from Group 1-2-3 – potentially meaning Road Magazine’s young gun can stay saddled up in this seat until she’s 25Kg, which should be a few years yet… the best part of a decade in fact! And that’s pretty amazing if it turns out to be true.

But, best of all from a safety POV (which is priority No.1, closely followed by comfort, after all), this cleverly designed seat also allows you to keep your little wriggler in a five-point harness for as long as possible. That’s got to be a good thing.

Furthermore, the lightweight but incredibly sturdy seat is super simple to fit in the car (see video below) and rock solid when it’s in there, thanks to it being secured not just by the easy-use ISOFIX system, but also the car’s own seat belt and the Top Tether. Now, that is safe!

Britax say: “Looking for a seat that will grow with your child? Want to keep your precious little ones harnessed for longer? Then look no further, as Britax unveils ADVANSAFIX. This cleverly designed multi-stage car seat has been developed with busy families in mind. Suitable for children aged from nine months up to approximately 12 years (9kg – 36kg), ADVANSAFIX adapts and grows with the child, giving parents the freedom to choose one seat instead of two and the assurance that their little ones will travel safely from their toddler years into pre-teen.”

The innovative ADVANSAFIX also features:

  • Multiple recline positions designed to allow adjustment without disturbing the child’s sleep.
  • Extendable head rest up to a height of 150cm.
  • Softly padded, full side wings, head and neck rest combine to provide a high level of side impact protection.
  • Installation with ISOFIX, Top Tether and seat belt in all installation modes which limits the rotational movement of the seat.
  • Funky seat designs, including; Black Thunder, Chili Pepper, Dark Grape, Crown Blue and Smart Zebra.

The luxurios-feeling Britax seat was a breeze to adjust to size and then fit in Project UP! – even with the three-phase locking-in methods of ISOFIX, car seat belt & Top Tether, which might sound hard work, but was easy, thanks to great design.

And I have to say, a large part of the fitting simplicity was down to not having to wade through an endless sea of Fitting Instructions in a manual (something I never like doing, as a bloke!). Instead, I simply had this useful, ever-so-happy installation video playing on the iPhone while I did it. Fabulous!


Frank Heiligers, Head of Car Seats at Britax said: “We constantly seek to meet the evolving needs and desires of parents in a busy, modern lifestyle. At Britax we’ve recently rebranded to focus on everyday family freedom, made possible by seats like the ADVANSAFIX, giving parents the all-important choice between using a car seat belt or a five point harness to secure their growing children whilst in Group 2. We understand the importance of families getting out and about together and are confident that with this new Group 1-2-3 seat, families can explore together safely and in style.”

ADVANSAFIX is available at an RRP of £220. Not cheap; but given the length of time it lasts does represent good value for money over the years. And, more importantly, is clearly super safe, so worth every penny to safeguard your little one.

We went for the Smart Zebra design (an extra £10, RRP £230) as it’s well funky and goes with the stylish UP! interior (plus Road baba loves zebras!). And, so far, it’s a huge hit, for us, and more importantly, for our little gem, who looks superbly comfortable whenever she’s in it and snoozes deeply, happily in it. Happy days. Cheers Britax.

For more information about Britax & videos and images, see their Facebook page.