PROJECT BEAST: What’s next?



Maybe it’s because I’m now middle aged and my memory is not what it was, but I’ve owned so many cars over the years I’ve lost count. But one thing I can tell you about them is that I’ve modified, tuned, enhanced – or in some early, inexperienced cases, ruined – every single one of them.

The trouble with Project Beast L322 Range Rover though is it’s so darn good and fully loaded, there’s not a lot left to fettle: I love it as is.

That’s not stopped me of course! We’ve already switched from OEM spec, with Ravenol lovely oils & transmission fluid, a K&N air filter and uprated NGK spark plugs. And we’ve fitted new Falken rubber boots, which have been equally successful changes.

And we’ve tested a few great products too… like the Cybex Juno car seat.

But none of this is very brave.

And as the eternal modification gene gets itchy, here’s what I am looking at:

  1. Small, low inertia supercharger pulley to wind in some boost.
  2. Full stainless steel exhaust system, t let that V8 sing & up the ante from 410bhp.
  3. Bespoke ECU re-map to wind up the 4.2 V8 to the maximum and make the most of 1. & 2. 500bhp anyone?
  4. Blacked out windows.
  5. DAB radio installation, for BBC 6Music on tap.
  6.  Vinyl wrap.
  7. New 20-inch rims, and some different, rougher all-season rubber.

Have I lost it?

Or is this genius…?

Time will tell…