PROJECT CARS: Karcher High Pressure Washer

Thankfully for all of us who hate a mild, wet, windy Winter, Spring is in the air – and that means it’s time to de-grime Project Beast & Project UP!
And when you live in deepest, darkest Norfolk and the roads around you resemble a rally stage (just one of the reasons we love it here) – caked in mud, gravel and deep puddles – Road Magazine test and project cars get pretty mucky over the Winter months.
That means a ton of muck and grime gets stuck in tough to reach places like the under-carriage, in every recess of the wheels, along the exhaust, in all the suspension joints etc.
And that’s a job that no garden hose can handle… and I’m too old to be clambering in the dirt with a stiff brush.
Solution? Enter the new-for-2016 Kärcher High Pressure Washer range – billed as “the most effective and advanced way for you to rediscover your home” – or car, post-Winter, we guess? 
The uber-engineered German brand Kärcher has just re-vamped and unnveiled their newest and most advanced High Pressure Washer range for 2016, featuring six new HPW’s, priced from c£220-£570: So, not cheap.
But in nature, yellow and black represents the potential for a sting… and these new Kärcher HPW’s certainly have that, based on the one-up from base model K4 Full Control Home we have on test. Powerful? You betcha!
The new range is very similar in appearance to the old HPW’s on first impression. But, as you go about the relatively lengthy process of un-packing and building up your K4 Kärcher unit, you start to notice the little innovations and details that set the new range apart from its predecessors and competitors –  like an LED display built directly into the trigger gun, giving you more clarity than ever before on the perfect setting. Although, being honest, with the Kärcher in your hand like an M16, and as a bloke, there’s only ever one setting – full bore!
And on this setting, boy, does the diminutive Kärcher K4 shift the dirt!
Meanwhile, inside the magic, more compact new units the Kärcher guts are cleverly going about their high-pressure cleaning business – offering over 50% water savings compared to a traditional garden hose, whilst still producing 35 times more power! Natty eh?
The Kärcher unit’s raw power makes cleaning effortless, and fast! After just over half an hour of blasting muck off the project cars, then blitzing the garden furniture, BBQ, fire pit, cats, children, wife and anything else that was in my target, everything was de-Winter-mucked, in a whirlwind of water.
Now it’s just a question of what else I can find to blitz! Not only is the Kärcher K4 a cracking high pressure washer and cleaning device, it’s a whole heap of man fun too.
So, why not earn some man points and have a ton of fun in the process… treat yourself and your car and home to a Kärcher?