PROJECT CARS: Lotus LF1 Weather Protection Bling Ting


An update on Roadie Andy Robinson’s lightweight pocket rocket Lotus LF1… this month, defying the Wintry weather with some seriously trick valerian and paint protection methods.  

The cold weather is biting hard, so it’s important that we give our pride and joy the best protection against the harsh road conditions this time of year brings.

And with my local North West regional branch of Reep Group opening up alongside our friends over at APM Customs in Chester it was an obvious choice where to go for me and the new motoring love of my life, Lotus LF1.

Reep North West have a great selection of products and services on offer – from a simple safe wash to PPF (Paint Protection Film) packages, as well as the latest in hydrophobic ceramic coatings – all designed to enhance and protect your paintwork.

After some discussion we decided that a two-stage paint correction and ceramic coating was the way forward for the Lotus. In Reep’s own words here is what they offered and carried out on the LF1:

With the paintwork needing some work we started with a full safe wash and decontamination to see where to start from.
The existing PPF was looking a little tired so we also removed this ready to correct the whole car.
Using an array of Koch-Chemie compounds the paintwork was corrected and given its amazing depth back.
Wheels were removed and coated with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour.
External glass was treated to Gtechniq G1 and G2 Smart Glass.
Gtechniq L1 Leather guard was applied to the seats, door cards along with i1 Smart Fabric to the door trims.
We re-fitted Llumar self-healing PPF to the front bumper and side sills to protect the high traffic areas, and finished the car with a coat of Gtechinq Exo for added depth of shine and protection.

On collection of the Lotus, I was blown away by the level of depth and reflection in the gorgeous black (with gold flake) paintwork, with the now immaculate interior and even the engine bay looked better than new.

But, don;t just take my word for it take a look for yourself in this video.

Due to the Hydrophobic (water repelling properties) nature of the ceramic coating, I’m now a whole lot more comfortable about taking the Lotus out for a spin (not literally!) in wet and dirty Wintry conditions we’re currently subjected to. And washing her afterwards has become an extremely easy job after the treatment – as most of the dirt now just jet washes off with ease. Nice.

I’d like to thank Vicky, Kev and Ryan over at Reep North West for their hard work and excellent service: The Lotus now looks a million dollars and better than it did from new.

So, if you’re looking for any detailing services in the region, please contact them and don’t forget to tell them that Road Magazine sent you for a good deal.