As I’m only too happy to tell people, I had the pleasure of meeting and (all too briefly before his tragic, untimely death) getting to know the great rallyist, Colin McRae. I had the ultimate pleasure of once co-driving for him in his total mentalist of a Mk2 Escort built by ‘imagineering’ experts DJM. The 900Kg forest destroyer had an absolute screamer of Millington engine on board, which was as utterly ballistic as you would imagine it to be. Good times.

Years later, I met fellow rally fan Brian Chase, of RAVENOL oils who told me a story about Millington being blown away by the wear and flow characteristics of their then under-the-radar oil and transmission fluid range. And I have since only ever had their oils in my run-abouts, daily drivers, rally and track day racers and Road Magazine project cars. I mean, if it’s good enough for the best WRC driver in the world (himself an expert engineer) and Mr Millington, it must be good enough for us, right?

Despite being relatively new to me in the past decade, the German Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH, was actually founded over 70 years ago in 1946 by Hans Triebel in the small town of Werther, Germany. They started with monograde engine oils and industrial cleaning products, but the lubricants range was steadily expanded over the years. Nowadays, many businesses throughout the world from the automotive, engineering, steel and construction sectors, as well as mining, agriculture and transport companies, rely on RAVENOL-branded oils and lubricants, including some of the world’s best rally car engine builders, and us…

Their mission is to get engines and gearboxes running smoother and cleaner, with better fuel economy and sharper throttle response, lower emissions and radically extended oil change intervals, through trick lubrication technology.

And their easily-identified, liquid gold 5L packs are very user-friendly – featuring a finger grip on the bottom and a profiled surface on the neck to improve control in use, whilst the pull-out spout provides much easier and more accurate pouring.

They say: “RAVENOL’s new brand positioning of being ‘Forever Faster,’ is the guiding principle for the company expressed through all its actions and decisions. Our objective is to be fast in reacting to new developments in automotive technology, fast in bringing new innovations to the market, fast in decision making and fast in solving problems for our partners. We are simply streets ahead of the competition.”

As ever, their technical knowledge was second to none when we called to tell them about our in need of TLC, auction-rescued Project 944 and they swiftly recommended their RAVENOL HVS 10W-60 Engine Oil  high viscosity full synthetic to give the old girl some love and get her firing sweetly. Why? Well, its unique formula also makes it ideal for use in high mileage performance vehicles with 60,000 miles and more on the clock. And there’s more, as I’ll now let them explain…

“RAVENOL HVS (High Viscosity Synto) 10W-60 is a fully synthetic multigrade budget racing engine oil that is far superior to conventional oils used under arduous motorsport conditions. This oil has an extremely wide viscosity rating and is especially suitable for short circuit racing, rallycross, club racing & rallying etc., where this grade of oil is specified. A naturally high viscosity index offers good flow rates to bearings at low temperatures, coupled with tremendous film strength at high temperatures. RAVENOL HVS 10W-60 has excellent lubricating film adhesion and high shear stability. Its engine-maintaining additives help to reduce oil consumption, offering protection against both sludge formation and wear and tear. It is also ideal for year-round use in high mileage petrol and diesel engines which have covered 100,000 miles or more and offers the additional benefit of keeping oil consumption low. It extends the service life of the engines of older vehicles by protecting against sludge formation and wear and tear, contributing to lower oil consumption.”

Good eh?

And £37.29 for five litres, for oil of this quality is, in our view, an absolute bargain.  Why not get hold of some liquid gold for your pride and joy today… Project 944 absolutely loves it, ticking over sweeter than ever and we can relax, safe in the knowledge her 96,000 mile moving parts are being perfectly lubricated, for better economy, longevity and performance, with extended service intervals to boot. Wunderbar!

So, here’s to Project 944 being faster forever…



Brain Chase & Tobietta Rhyman at Ravenol UK