PROJECT CARS: Cybex Solution Q2-Fix

Picking the right, safe, comfy, easy to use, affordable child seat for your precious cargo can be an arduous process when you first start parenthood and carting your kid about safe – ideally with the minimum amount of cussing and fussing. Selecting one that’s going to offer maximum safety, good snuggle-snooze factor, lasting longevity, easy-use Read more about PROJECT CARS: Cybex Solution Q2-Fix[…]

Project Beast: CYBEX Juno 2-Fix Car Seat

Being a dad these days, no car seat = no family travel. And as our bulky Recaro bucket seat fitted to Project Ecowagon unbelievably refused to fit in the spacious new Project Beast, it was time to go shopping for a new seat… one swanky enough for the top of the line Supercharged Range Rover’s fab interior. Read more about Project Beast: CYBEX Juno 2-Fix Car Seat[…]