PROJECT BEAST: What’s next?

  Maybe it’s because I’m now middle aged and my memory is not what it was, but I’ve owned so many cars over the years I’ve lost count. But one thing I can tell you about them is that I’ve modified, tuned, enhanced – or in some early, inexperienced cases, ruined – every single one Read more about PROJECT BEAST: What’s next?[…]

Project Beast: Suck, Squeeze, Bang… no blow!

Like anything bursting with muscularity, our Project Beast supercharged V8 Range Rover needs the occasional pamper to keep in tip top, bionic condition. So, after nine blissful months and many thousand enjoyable miles of supercharged ownership, I decided to book “Rangey” in for a good Spa treatment at the highly experienced Land Rover specialists, John Kemp Read more about Project Beast: Suck, Squeeze, Bang… no blow![…]