PROJECT CARS: Project Beast Vredestein ULTRAC VORTI

In 1985, Madonna famously sang in the film Desperately Seeking Susan… “Get into the groove Boy you’ve got to prove Your love to me, yeah Get up on your feet, yeah Step to the beat Boy what will it be…?” And the answer? Well surely she was singing about the as-yet-uninvented deepest groove we’ve felt Read more about PROJECT CARS: Project Beast Vredestein ULTRAC VORTI[…]

PROJECT BEAST: What’s next?

  Maybe it’s because I’m now middle aged and my memory is not what it was, but I’ve owned so many cars over the years I’ve lost count. But one thing I can tell you about them is that I’ve modified, tuned, enhanced – or in some early, inexperienced cases, ruined – every single one Read more about PROJECT BEAST: What’s next?[…]

Project Beast: Auto Genie Valet

With the Summer spa service sorted, and Project Beast running better than ever, it seemed an appropriate time to get it looking better than ever – with a little help from The Auto Genie; the pro-valeting, ex-racing, car-loving Stuart Staples. The equally knowledgable and charming man mountain Stu gave our old Project P38 a proper Read more about Project Beast: Auto Genie Valet[…]

Project Beast: Suck, Squeeze, Bang… no blow!

Like anything bursting with muscularity, our Project Beast supercharged V8 Range Rover needs the occasional pamper to keep in tip top, bionic condition. So, after nine blissful months and many thousand enjoyable miles of supercharged ownership, I decided to book “Rangey” in for a good Spa treatment at the highly experienced Land Rover specialists, John Kemp Read more about Project Beast: Suck, Squeeze, Bang… no blow![…]

Project Beast: CYBEX Juno 2-Fix Car Seat

Being a dad these days, no car seat = no family travel. And as our bulky Recaro bucket seat fitted to Project Ecowagon unbelievably refused to fit in the spacious new Project Beast, it was time to go shopping for a new seat… one swanky enough for the top of the line Supercharged Range Rover’s fab interior. Read more about Project Beast: CYBEX Juno 2-Fix Car Seat[…]

Project Beast: Fitting New Boots (Falken Azenis FK453CC)

The one & only thing ‘wrong’ with Project Beast when we bought it was the rubber – as the rears were right on the legal limit at the pre-sale MOT. And with Winter here and the roads thick with mud and slick with rain, ice and maybe even snow if we’re lucky, the right thing to Read more about Project Beast: Fitting New Boots (Falken Azenis FK453CC)[…]

Project Beast: Introduction

To quote the inspired words of the noughties pop sensation Britney Spears “oops, I did it again!” Yup, following in the muddy, beast V8 footsteps of the older Project P38 Range Rover (and having now just recently said a fond farewell to the loyal and superb Project S4 Audi), we’ve only gone and done it Read more about Project Beast: Introduction[…]

Project P38: ECU Re-Map by Tornado Chips

Being a speedy junkie, I have had re-mapped ECU’s on the majority of my road and motorsport cars. Our on-going Audi Project S4 has a reliable, darn effective ECU re-map by Superchips fitted. And previous rally, race, sprint, hill climb, drag and road projects have all had a “mapping” expert turn their hand to the Read more about Project P38: ECU Re-Map by Tornado Chips[…]

Project P38: Transmission Re-Vamp

GEARBOX: This month, we get Project P38 into gear – with a gearbox replacement. Introduction Ever since we bought Project P38 ‘blind’ – with no test drive – at auction it’s been stuck in third gear ­which, let’s face it, is far from ideal (and most likely the final straw, forcing its previous owner to Read more about Project P38: Transmission Re-Vamp[…]

Project P38: Exterior Appeal

Project P38 gets an Auto Genie pro-valet, Powerful UK stainless steel spotlight bar, Britpart 4×4 100W Halogen spotlights & headlight guards   One of the major attractions to the P38 Range Rover is its classic, boxy, old fashioned (some might say, classic) good looks. To my mind, it’s one of the best, most iconic looking Read more about Project P38: Exterior Appeal[…]

Project XFR: Cat Breath (Exhaust & Filter)

Sorry Roadies… we know it’s been a while since the last update of Project XFR – but, fear not, things are moving along quite nicely now, writes Andy Robinson. After many miles of enjoyable “Jaaaaaaag” wafting and supercharged blasting – along with some rather fancy data logging – we have highlighted some areas of hidden Read more about Project XFR: Cat Breath (Exhaust & Filter)[…]

Project P38: Interior Appeal

Auto Genie pro-valet, Britpart mats and loadspace liner & Pure DAB Radio at Halfords One of the reasons I’ve always loved the P38 is for its stunning, luxurious, superbly comfortable interior – which is especially excellent in Project P38’s range-topping Vogue model, with its Walnut dash, tilt and slide sunroof and charcoal black/grey leather armchairs, Read more about Project P38: Interior Appeal[…]

Project P38: Janspeed Exhaust: Sing it loud “V8 & Proud”

Question: Is there any point owning a thirsty, expensive-to-run 4.6-litre V8 if you can’t enjoy the awesome acoustics? In a word, no! But there’s more to it than that! Upgrading your standard OEM exhaust – particularly if it’s on its last, rusty legs like ours was on Project P38 when we bought it from auction Read more about Project P38: Janspeed Exhaust: Sing it loud “V8 & Proud”[…]

Project P38: Marshal Tyres

Educated Road Magazine readers like you don’t need me to tell you how vital good tyres are. They’re the only point of contact your car has with the ground – be it asphalt, gravel, mud, sand, rock, ice or snow. You can have the best car in the world, in fine fettle, with all the Read more about Project P38: Marshal Tyres[…]

Project P38: Introduction

In the beginning…was the word, and the word was V8. There’s something utterly magical and highly addictive about the concept, sight and of course the sound of a V8 Range Rover. And ever since I owned and modified a classic, tuned 4.2-litre V8 Range Rover (which sadly went the way of the knackers yard after Read more about Project P38: Introduction[…]

Project XFR: Introduction

ROAD pal, Andy Robinson (who changes his cars more often than any of us at ROAD HQ, good lad!) has ditched his BMW 335i Project car in favour of a cool cat, the new Jaguar XFR… all 503bhp supercharged V8 of it. Good man! This is Andy’s first report, and he’s already been running it Read more about Project XFR: Introduction[…]