Project UP! “Say Hello to my little friend…”

“Say hello to my little friend” said a deranged, drug-fuelled Al Pacino in Scarface! And that’s as irreverent and irrelevant a way as imaginable to introduce our new little friend and Road Magazine (ec0) project car, this fab little VW UP! The UP! is replacing our Project Ecowagon VW Golf Bluemotion Sportline Estate which has served Read more about Project UP! “Say Hello to my little friend…”[…]

Project Ecowagon: Purchase & Introduction

So, fatherhood has definitely kicked in… I’ve just bought my first ever sensible, economical family car in 20+ years of car ownership! Welcome to Project Ecowagon: A 2010 Mk6 VW Golf Estate 1.6 TDi BlueMotion Technology Sportline, to give it it’s full, rather wordy title – aka Ralph, as I christened it when my gorgeous Read more about Project Ecowagon: Purchase & Introduction[…]